Worship Confessional- September 19, 2010

This post is part of Sunday Set List over on The Worship Community Blog.  It's where worship leaders from all over the world add their set lists from their worship experiences and we all learn from each other.

Today we started a short two-week series called "THE WISHES OF AGUR" which is taken from a couple of verses in Proverbs.  Read it.

Set List.

Awesome Is The Lord Most High (Tomlin) (Walk In Song)
  Mentioned how easy it is for us to raise our hands at a football game, with a gesture to support our teams, but how we find it hard to raise our hands for the Lord--ever think about that?  Ouch!
Sing To The King (Foote)
Immortal, Invisible (Story)
Everlasting God (Brown)
A Mighty Fortress (Nockles)
Morning Message--The Wishes of Agur (Prov. 30)
You Gave Your Life Away (Baloche)


terry timm said...

thanks for sharing your set Jim - i love to see "everlasting God" move into nockels' "a mighty fortress." must have been a powerful moment. the verlasting God is indeed our mighty fortress!

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