We Went To Toledo (NOT OHIO!)

We knew this would be a full day and after a good breakfast in the hotel we made our way down close to the Royal Palace. We had been here yesterday evening so we were comfortable where we were.

The first tour took us all over Madrid--showing us sights that we had seen and some that we hadn't seen. It was a historical tour ( I know very little Spanish history) and some art and architecture too. We ended the tour back at the Royal Plaza.

There is a group of cloistered nuns who sell DULCES (sweet cookies) in their convent. They can't make contact with the outside world, so to sell these cookies they put them on a spinning door and you put your money in hoping they give you your cookies. I say all that to say that we made a mad dash over to the convent, but no DULCES! May have to go back sometime.

We had a great lunch in the Plaze De Orient (the official gardens of the Royal palace) and had enough time for a bit of gellato before the bus left.

We went this afternoon to TOLEDO (TO-LAY-DO, sorry OHIO, you say it wrong). Toledo used to be the capital of Spain and still is the spiritual center of the country (the Archbishop (Cardnial)resides here not in Madrid) It used to be a fortress so you can imagine that the streets were very rough and rocky and hills up and down and up and down. It made it hard for my sister who is recovering from foot surgery.
We made it--but it was hard.

Back to the hotel we didn't want to venture far for supper, so we found the local equivalent to the IHOP and had a sandwich, fries and some Queso. Ok--we've been really good at trying strange food over here--so we needed some home cooking.

I think I'll be venturing out tomorrow for the last tour by myself. I've mastered the METRO line system and then will meet back with my sister here for some late shopping before we head home.

Busy day--and I'm tired!



Randall Hall said...

Did you buy some Toledo gold? Was a big deal when we were in the area