Black Friday Photos

Well, it's come and gone--BLACK FRIDAY 2009. We did our annual thing of getting up @ 3:15 and heading to TARGET first. We actually thought they opened at 4 last year (it was 5) so we were there before 4 last year and got a great spot. This year we knew it was 5 and got there around 4:30--so we were at the back of the line. But--we got in anyway.

We always enjoy being in line and watching the different people (they come in all shapes and
sizes and at that time of the morning all kinds of dress). It makes the time pass fast when we do that.

After our Target run--then it's off to Wally World and finally to LaMadeline for our annual breakfast. Ah, what sweet reward and by this time we're getting sleepy again.
We made our way to a mall and this year, it didn't seem too crowded. I think the seriousness of this economy is really setting in.

Finally picked up Daniel's trophy for being 3rd in his division in the Turkey Trot. He was so excited. This makes 2 races and 2 trophies now. I think he's beginning to expect it.

So much for Thanksgiving 2009