Thanksgiving--Time For A Thoughtful Movie

We intended to go to THE BLIND SIDE this weekend, however, we got to the theater too late to see the show (actually it was already sold out) so we settled on going back to the hotel to rest and maybe catch a movie there.

When we were flipping channels we landed on LARS and THE REAL GIRL. It seemed to be a quirky mystery at first (and our suspicions were up that he was some sort of serial killer living in the garage). However, the hook was in and we were all watching with anticipation the next scene of this movie.

If you haven't seen this movie, you must. It came out in 2007, so it's definitely going to be in the older section of the movie store.

This movie so marvelously portrays the meaning of community as Lar's family and church family come together to see him through this delusion. Granted, not all mental illnesses can be treated in such a way, but the greater picture is a loving community coming together out of love for Lars (and for Christ) to see him through to health. That was our family conversation just after the film was over.

One Hollywood writer wrote "it makes you want to live in a community like this?" Isn't that something? Hollywood is wondering where they can find community like this--and we know the answer. Why don't we live it out and show them where to find it.