Worship Confessional, November15,2009

We're in the middle of this series called "30 Days of Thankfulness"--it's a time to count our blessings and we'll also have our catch up offering for our budget. Today our interim teaching pastor starts--yea! We've been 16 weeks with different speakers--it will be nice to start a run with a consistent speaker each week (at least for me!)

Song Set:

Here I Am Again (Tommy Walker)--I just love Tommy Walker (he has a new album coming out this week) and this song is just a song of thanks and praise.


"Here I Am To Worship/Draw Me Close"--Worship Choir (Brentwood-Benson 30 Minute Choir book)

Video on giving

Jesus Saves (Cottrell)--again, one of my fave new songs and from the comments that I've heard from folks, its quickly becoming a fave with them too.

Scripture Reading--Psalm 136-"Give thanks to the Lord, his love endures forever"

For The Beauty of The Earth (Dyer/Horness)--from the Willow Creek album back in 2002/2003. We sing this song every thanksgiving. The words are the original, but the tune is fresh and contemporary.

You Have Been So Good (Baloche)--Our theme song for the series. I just about lost it on this one as I looked out and saw people just standing there worshiping the Lord. One man who faces his divorce tomorrow; another who is dealing with cancer. They were lost in worship as they sang "You have been so good to me---" Wow! a really emotional moment for me--I didn't know if I could finish it.

Morning Message--Ed Ethridge (our new interim teaching pastor)

I Will Rise (Tomlin)--haven't done this one since March, but it was new then. I think by now people have heard it and sang it well.

Jesus Messiah (Tomlin)--ditto.

How was your Sunday?

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