Worship Confessional, November 8, 2009

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We tried something different today. Instead of tacking the Lord's Supper on the end, or in the middle or somewhere else, we made it the whole service today. It was very different.

I think people get used to the order of service--two fast songs, announce--offering, song, message--etc. We didn't do it that way this week

Welcome/Announcements--started it off with instructions about the day. Only down side was there was no Official greeting-but maybe we can go a week without that.

Set up Lord's supper service---instructions/teaching about the background of the Lord's supper.

Psalm 100--Congregation Reading--good reading by the congregation--this Psalm would come back later in the sermon about the "psalm they sang" after the supper.

Today Is The Day (Brewster)--good energy here!

Pass It On (Walker)--just a reaffirmation of the Lord's faithfulness to all generations as Psalm 100 said!

Set up The Bread

Worship Choir--Breathe (small but passionate group this morning singing--we had some out with sickness) It was the perfect song to sing after the teaching about the bread.

Jesus Saves (Cottrell)--one of my faves and quickly becoming a fave among the team. David has done such a passionate backing track to this one.

When I Think About The Lord- this is where it really came alive--people singing, and shouting Halleujah! Thank You Jesus!. We haven't done this one in a while.

Set Up The Cup--we had 5 stations around the sanctuary where people came to get the bread and cup.

Remembrance (Maher/Redman)--this is on Matt Maher's new cd and the first time I heard it I knew that I wanted to use it for Communion. Used it in both services...such a powerful message that remembrance leads to worship and worship to communion!

You Have Been So Good (Baloche)--taught this one last week. It was a good response after the commuion!



What Can I Do (Baloche)--another good closer

Elder-Closing Prayer

How was your Sunday?


smalltownpastor said...

Way to think outside the box...I liked your service order and looks it had a great flow to it.

danieljohn said...

Jim - Thanks for posting! Great set and you reminded me about "When I Think About The Lord" - we used to do it all the time, but have left if out for a while. I'm definitely going to add this in the next few weeks.

Chris Gates said...

I too have recently discovered "Remembrance." Great song. We do communion every Sunday, so I'm always looking for the "perfect" communion song. Great set.

inspiringworship said...

Hey Jim,
I really like the idea of the entire service being focused on communion. The song choices were excellent! I taught them Today is the Day this week. I think it went over well.

dennarr said...

Love Jesus Saves! Planning on introducing Remembrance next Communion service (i played it a few months ago during the passing of the bread).

Harold Forbis said...


I LOVE Today Is The Day. The only reason we don't do it every week is I'm afraid of wearing it out. We did When I Think About the Lord a couple of weeks ago - really great song.

This looks like a great setlist for a communion focus, and I like it that you broke the mold a bit. Sounds like you had a good morning!