Bullies On The Playground (Democratic Style)

I find it ironic that the very ones running this Health Care Bill through congress were the one who were "squeeling" when the Republicans were in charge and claimed that "this administration is trying to hide something from us".

The false claims of the Democrats to be transparent and open are now seen. What these greedy "bullies on the playground" have seen is "get it now or don't ever get it!" There is no concern for America that we have known, only the America imagined in the mind of a few leftist, socialists who want America to be more "European"

And so, now the ones who cry foul are indeed the perps of "freedom stealing"--hiding the bills specifics, holding meetings on the weekends so that the major news won't cover it (specifically talk radio) and other "cold war era" tactics. Nancy Pelosi makes me want to scream!

Watching this mess on CSPAN has just made my blood boil this afternoon. It's time for the PEOPLE of THE US to stand up to the aristocrats in Washington and say "This is our country--we the people want the prinicples of the Constitution upheld". We are a government of the people, by the people and for the people! Remember that!

Who is with me? Throw the bums out and start all over... I'm sure there are people who can do a better job than the clowns we have in there now!


Anonymous said...

well now you've done it. no doubt you've gotten yourself placed on some sort of government watch list