Election Night 2009--One Year Later

It's Election night 2009 and though there is less hype and hyperbole about this election than last, it would be a mistake if we didn't take a pause and say to ourselves, "Are we better off 1 year later?".

This post isn't aimed at Obama (though you probably know that I didn't vote for him) instead it is aimed more at American leadership (specifically Congress and The President) and those who have been called to steward our country.

One year ago we were promised change--today we have chaos. Instead of stabilizing the country, the suspected socialist agenda has emerged as we suspected and it seems more virulent and nasty than we had expected.

Spending on the government level has gone from absurd to stupid in the amounts given out to anyone and everyone who stuck their hand into the money bag. And there seems to be no end to the silly things that government does in the name of resurrecting an economy that seems to get more sick with more medicine coming from government.

We were promised an era of hope--what we've got is a garden of fear and uncertainty. We were promised protection--what we have is a government that is making America weak by the concessions that we are giving to other nations in the name of being more peaceful! We don't belong to the UN!!! WE ARE THE UNITED STATES of AMERICA.

We were promised tax breaks for those making less than... blah, blah, blah and what we have now is an attack on the middle american who suddenly has become the rich man in order to pay for everyone to have everything they've ever wanted from government. We have taxation without represenation because the representation has lost its concern for the republic for which it stands. These representatives, face it, are more concerned about themselves and those who paid their way there!

So--looking back on Election 2009, it's a time to say.. ARE YOU BETTER OFF THIS YEAR THAN YOU WERE LAST?


Darla said...

well said. i cannot even begin to say how disgusted i am with our leadership!