Worship Confessional, November 1, 2009

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We kicked off the series 30 Days of Thankfulness today

I really didn't intend to plan an all BALOCHE Sunday, but that's the way it worked this week. I just love his music (and so does our church). We had a great day of worship. As I look back, this service was planned back in the Spring. Just this one day had everything done and everything before it was empty and everything behind it undone. Don't know why I just filled out this day back in the Spring. I guess the Spirit knew what we needed on this day--way back then.

Set List

Thanksgiving Grace Video-Opener

New Doxology-(Gateway)

Hosanna (Baloche)

Scripture Reading (Psalm 98) NLT--Read responsively--SHOUT TO THE LORD!!!

The Lord Reigns-(Gateway)


You Have Been So Good (Baloche) Good introduction of this song that we'll be singing for the 30 Days series.

How Great Thou Art (Baloce arr.)--wow! They sang and sang on this one!

Morning Message--George Ray (His sermon was about the presence of God in our lives--fit well with the song YOU HAVE BEEN SO GOOD that says "for your constance presence here with me")

What Can I Do (Baloche)

Wonderful, Merciful Savior

How was your Sunday?


Kendall Massey said...

Just wanted you to know I'm back in the blogosphere.
Hope things are going well for you Brother.
I know it was all rough when I left...

Just trying to catch back up.

God is good. I'll drop an email to you this week.