Worship Confessional, November 29, 2009

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Sunday after Thanksgiving is always kind of awkward. We already set up Thanksgiving last week with the pre-Thanksgiving worship and now this weekend, Advent and Christmas are beginning. We have a little overlap this week as the Christmas decor is up but we finish the 30 Days series today. Oh well.

Busy day again today for me. Two services, then a funeral, then a rehearsal for banquet tomorrow night and then to the theater around the corner to get ready for our show with the local community theater this week. Here goes the roller coaster.

Set List
Thank You Lord (Moen/Balcohe)--Nothing like a little country after Thanksgiving. This one moved!

Today Is The Day (Brewster)--Ok, this is the last time we'll do this one for a while. It's been on our list for the fall and I think we've worn the tread off of it. Good song--just time to sit it down for a while.

Welcome/Offertory Prayer

The Glorious Impossible (Cartee) I've been waiting to do this song since February when I heard it at RECREATE. Great song--great theology. The incarnation is the glorious impossible!

Advent Reading--The Candle of Hope
Jeremiah 33:14-16
Yes, even Southern Baptist observe Advent! We began our journey today with our Children's Arts kids leading us in worship... nothing like putting into practice what we've been doing with them all semester (teaching them to be worship leaders). We handed out an Advent Reading schedule so families have scriptures to read each day. We'll start our family devotionals tonight with our advent calendar. If you have never done anything like this, I challenge you to do it. Our kids really enjoy the family time together each night as we read and anticipate the Christmas story.

O Come O Come Emmanuel (Praise Charts)

Emmanuel (Hallowed Manger) (Tomlin) When I heard this song I knew that we were going to have to do this one during Christmas. We taught it today, but it will come back each service as our response to Advent.

Morning Message (Ed Ethridge)

Emmanuel (Hallowed Manger) (Reprise) (Didn't Do)
Shout To The Lord (addition after I heard the pastor speak)--worked well.


My Soul Magnifies The Lord (Tomlin) (Didn't do---punted until next week on this one)

Thank You Lord (reprise) (after the sermon on Shouting joyfully to God)

How was your Sunday?


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great day in Texas!
Hoping to do My Soul Magnifies the Lord next Sunday as we look at the birth story and Mary's song.