The Cast Is Company!

A cast (aka: company) quickly becomes family during the run of a show.

The cast of Alice began in February to work on this production and we've quickly learned that in being together as much as we have, we've become family.

Yesterday we celebrated (in the midst of a performance run) the birthday's of 3 of our cast. So, as any family would do, we had a cake and celebration last night after the performance.

The theater is the perfect place for artists to come together to collaborate on short term projects. In the midst of these short term runs, new ideas are exchanged, relationships are built, friendships are formed and the artistic community is strengthened as all work to achieve the goal of presenting their craft with excellence. The sadness comes in the parting of company at the end of the show, but the realization that more of this can take place with the next show.

You always learn something about artists when you are around them. I'm so glad I shared this journey with this company (family) of Alice!