Spiritual Lessons from Yard Work

I've long stated that working in the yard is some of the best spiritual work that I do... really. ( And to be honest if you look at my yard in the last year or so, it has been neglected--but you can make your judgements)

You can look at a yard and tell if the owner cares for his lawn. I'm getting mine back in shape and the front looks pretty good. But the back is horrible!!! I'm probably going to have to go for a pretty good scalp on it here in a week or so to clean it up.

I walked out today and saw all of these lovely green milk thistle weeks and crab grass just waving at me in the West Texas wind. At first I was overwhelmed with all of them, then I started pulling them up one by one. The rain last night softened the ground where I could just pull them up by the stem. And then I reminded myself that I couldn't get it all done at once, so I worked a section at a time.

The spiritual lessons here are: Don't neglect your life and let the weeds grow--they take hold and choke out the spirit in your life; Let the word soak the tough soil and you'll be able to pluck up those weeds easily; don't try to fix it all at once--pick a section and work on it, you'll not be too overwhelmed and you won't give up.

So--how does your yard look?