Talking To Myself--While I Run

I had an interesting run yesterday. I missed my running partners ( thought I had until I found out that some of them didn't make the designated meeting area either) so, I thought I would spend some time by myself.

Most of the mornings when I run I have my ipod dialed up for something to listen to, but on this run some lovely member of my family had borrowed my headset and didn't return it--so I was sans music this morning.

I did a lot of thinking on this run and then it turned to talking--to myself. I began to ask myself some questions and to be honest some of the answers that came out were surprising. You'd think that I'd already know some of these things about me, but when you verbalize what you've already internalized you get some shocks.

They weren't long questions--just "What, where, why, how come, what if, explain that, dig into that" and more.

It was revealing to me what I discovered. Maybe I need to talk to myself some more!