This Isn't Theatre... This Is Bedlam!

The craziness of ALICE IN WONDERLAND has yet to wear off (we have one more weekend of this play) and we've already begun to fire up the crew for SOUTHERN HOSPITALITY (our sequel to CHRISTMAS BELLES) which will play May 7-9/14-16.

That's fast, but this crew has been together before and if last night's read through was any indication of what's going to take place, then buckle your seat belt.

Back for another round are:

Honey Raye Futrelle- Dava Robbins
G.J. Dubberly Waverly--Mattie Drake
John Curtis Butner---Ken Spoor
Twink Futrelle--Brandi Phillips
Rhonda Lynn Lampley--Melia Duzan
Justin Waverly--Logan Tabor (subbing for Lance Turner)
Frankie Dubberly--Selena Messenger
Dub Dubberly--Doug Tindol
Geneva Musgrave--Debbie Herring
D. Dava Davidson--Pam Herring
Buck Strickland--Duncan Parish
Raynerd Chisum--Matt Cross
Aunt Iney Dubberly--Mary Ann Wright

Can't wait for the fun to begin! I love love Fayro!!!!