Sing A New Song!

There are a couple of new songs coming up in the rotation for worship here at FBC Snyder. This Sunday we'll start learning HERE AND NOW (Baloche/Brown)from the Greater Song Album. I think it's a great response song

Another song we'll be learning is MY INHERITANCE (Freeman) which I've heard on the Song Discovery disc and then on Travis Cottrell's JESUS SAVES album. It's a great song.

I've really tried to be intentional with our new songs. We've gone from singing about 90-100 songs to about 60 or more songs. That's still a lot, but I'm finding that by intentionally repeating and placing songs in the rotation that people are digging into them in worship. It's great now to bring back a song and hear the people really grasp it in worship. That's what it's all about--singing a new song (not just new but a fresh expression of praise) to the Lord.

What new songs are you singing?