Worship Confessional, April 1, 2010--Maundy Thursday

We've just finished our 5th Maundy Thursday service. We do this in our chapel and it's a great setting (intimate and close and very beautiful at sunset on a Thursday evening). It's a somber service and very reflective.

I'm often reminded that we need all types of services (celebrative and reflective) This service ended our 12 hour day of prayer stations and each year I receive comment after comment of people saying how much it meant to them. That is certainly true today.

We closed the service in silence and then our bell tower began to toll the bells (seemed like forever but it was only about 8 minutes) Really set the mood for the evening.

Set List

Come Thou Fount of Ev'ry Blessing

Scripture Reading

Video--The Last Supper

Scripture Reading

Remembrance (Hughes)



Were You There (Traditional)

Departing in Silence