One Man's OOPS is Another Man's Treasure

One of the things that I've learned in years of doing large scale sets and projects it to constantly shop the "oops" bins at the local hardware stores. My family laughs when we go to Lowes or Home Depot and I head for the paint departments. I'm always looking for a great color and a good bargain.

The last two sets we've done at The Ritz Theater have been totally with "oops paint" from our local hardware store. I go in with a color in mind, and if I can find it or close to it--I go for it. This set for Southern Hospitality needed a blue--but not a bright blue. I found a gallon of bright blue and 2 brown gallons and combined them together for this look. And the grand total...$15.00 for 3 gallons of paint. I even had some left.

So--check out these bins when you go to these stores. One man's "oops" might end up being your treasure.

RT: What is oops paint?