Songs That My Church Loves...Matt Maher

Of all the recent artist that I have introduced to my church, none come more highly regarded than Matt Maher. I have had the chance to meet Matt on several trips to Nashville and each time I come away with a deeper appreciation of his artistry and his heart of worship.

When Matt sings a song there is a depth and richness to it that you just can't find in contemporary Christian worship. He is a thinker and has pondered the deep mysteries of God and expresses his own walk through his songs. I think that's why our congregation loves these songs.

We sang "Christ Is Risen" for Easter and for 4 weeks afterwards and I can't tell you how much the affirmation and message of Easter resounded for those weeks following. It was good to sing it over and over again.

Your Grace Is Enough

Christ Is Risen

Sing Over Your Children

Great Things