EASTER 2010---Worship Confessional

Well, the official EASTER exhaustion has arrived. I didn't think much about it this afternoon because right after lunch we headed to the theater to get ready for Alice In Wonderland this week. But, having arrived home to eat and sit for more than 10 minutes--the tiredness has arrived.

Only one service today, but we had it all. Organ, Piano, Choir (2 times), Old hymns, new songs and yes, technical glitches. But it was a great day. Great crowd and great spirit in worship.

Here's our order:

Christ The Lord Is Risen (Prelude) Opened up with a prelude (Cindy Berry) that set the stage for the video. Big ending that rattled the pipes---but no dust!

Video--Easter Daybreak (Shift Worship)

Victory In Jesus (Cottrell) This is the arrangement from his JESUS SAVES album. Man it rocks! We had Sr. Adult and Worship Choir today on this one.

Call To Worship--Matt 28:

Christ The Lord Is Risen (G3 Worship) Went back to the G3 arrangement today because of the blended service--This is just a great arrangement by Robert Elkins that has enough contemporary flavor to it without abandoning the melody.

Welcome/Announcements--Week 2 of pray for China and the underground church.

Offertory--Judy Brown did a fantastic job with a Mark Hayes arrangement of MAJESTY.

That's Why We Praise Him (Tommy Walker) This just has to be one of my all time favorite worhsip songs. It just tells the story of Christ so simply and with great depth. They loved and worshiped on this one.

Christ Is Risen (Maher) Introduced this one with the passage from Ephesians 5:18 (Awake O sleeper)

In The Cross Alone I Glory (Robert Sterling arr.) Worship choir led out on this one.

Morning Message---"The Resurrection" Ed Ethridge

You Gave Your Life Away (Baloche) As we ended we had a technical glitch with the screens--they temporarily froze and wouldn't go past the chorus---after a couple of go arounds, we just went instrumental until we could figure it out. Oh well--almost made it through.

Depart in prayer..

So there ya go! We even had the church bells tolling as we came out of worship today.

How was your Sunday

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