Creative Chaos- Google Sketchup:The Tool of Pros

I was excited to see in the latest issue of LIVE DESIGN magazine that the Set Designer for American Idol, Adam Walmsley, uses Google Sketchup for his intial drawings and presentations for his set designs. These are a few examples from his site.

I found Google Sketchup last fall and have done some preliminary planning and drawing with it for our set design.  That post is here.  I'm most impressed with it's ability to model situations using Google Earth (you can look up your site and model your building given the parameters of Google Earth's information for your location).

You can learn the tutorials at the Google site or the portal which has excellent teaching resources.  The two DVD's from Go-2-school would probably be worth it since individual classes for these courses are $300 or more.

Just passing along to others where I've found the goods.

This post is part of Creative Chaos on  Thursday's are the days that creatives share the tricks of the trade on Carlos' site.


jason said...

that's funny! I used google sketchup to plan our stage also!

You can see it here.

Thanks for sharing!

CJ Mills said...

Very Cool, Jim.

CJ Mills //

kim said...

i LOVE Live Design mag.