Someone Needs A Photoshop Course

I had to laugh, out loud.  Our local newspaper ran with this photo on the back page of today's edition.  It looked kinda I looked closer.  Sure enough, someone had pasted a picture of Jenna Bush on top of an Oscar de la Renta runway model.  So, in fairness, our local journalists didn't do it, but someone up the line passed off this picture as the acutal dress she wore.  I found this picture by Googling for Jenna Bush (Wedding).

Someone needs to go back to a photoshop class.  The model's hair is dark--Jenna's is blonde. The dress she wore was fitted--not a table cloth dress. It's a terrible crop and blending-sloppy!~

All the while the actual photo from the wedding was available on line and our local press could have grabbed the photo and inserted it.  This has to be one of the funniest things I've seen in a long time.  Not very artistic, is it?


Chad Wright said...

Who needs Photoshop? I could have made a more convincing photo by cutting her head out with scissors and using glue stick to attach it to the other picture.

Let's here it for small-town journalism at it's finest.

Vince said...

That's hilarious. Now way someone thinks that is a legit edit.