Something Old, Something New

Something Old:Man of Depravity: This is the site of Tyler Braun, he's a student at Multnomah Biblical Seminary where he's just completed his first year of study. Tyler always posts something of great depth and interest. He's the praise band leader at his local church. He always catches my attention when he writes something, often which has been piqued by his studies

Something New:

Creative Worship: Site of Pace Hartfield, Worship Pastor at Fellowship Church in Grapevine. He posts some of the secrets of creativity that FC has stumbled upon in it's years of crafting compelling worship experiences. His Christmas post a couple of weeks ago (yeah, I know it's spring!) was interesting to see the process they went through to give a special TransSiberian effect in their Christmas eve service.

Stephen Lechner Stephen is a truly NEW discovery this week. His post on their set change caught my eye (specially since he likes to "remix" items for use on the stage). He'll be one that I watch for ideas and thoughts on worship.

What about you? What have you found new? What is a treasured "oldie" that you always read?


tyler said...

hey jim. thanks for the very kind comments. glad you have enjoyed some of the things i've said. im going to start reading your blog now too. i didn't even know you were reading mine i don't think, my bad. take care.

Pete Wilson said...

Thanks for the links Jim. I look forward to checking these out.

stephen lechner said...

Thanks for the shout out. Glad you enjoy my blog. It's only been about a month, but it's been great!