Something Old, Something New

Time for SOMETHING OLD-SOMETHING NEW. I've been doing this for a while and it's sometimes hard to remember which ones I've highlighted and which ones I haven't.  Just a note- it never fails that I hear from the blog authors on the day that I post about them. That always makes me feel good.

SOMETHING OLD:   Pied Piper Piping  This is the site of Nathan Gaddis, Associate Minister of Music at FBC Naples.  Nathan (Gaddis as we call him) is a fellow Recreate attendee and I've enjoyed getting to know his ministry.  He's a songwriter, creative and new daddy (welcome Jovie!).  I was invited to attend his staff meeting last week via Mogulus!   Check Gaddis out!

SOMETHING NEW:  Radio Shakin' is the site of Matthew Singleton, who is Creative Director at Cross Point Community Church in Nashville, where Pastor Pete Wilson preaches.  Matthew is responsible for the creative elements in the service and has some marvelous examples of Sermon intros on his site (with Pete of course!).  Take a look at his work

Cool Hunting is a portal that looks for things in the realm of culture, creativity and technology.  It is always scanning for trends in design, art, exhibitions and culture that are thought provoking or engaging.  I really like reading this blog.

Any new ones in your reader?