Worship Post-Fessional May 11, 2008

Worship Set: 
Let Everything That Has Breath,
I Worship You Almighty God,
Your Name
One Thing
Your Grace Is Enough
Shout To The North

Sunday was a different day.  Coming off a week of services (5 services in 4 days) we were all pretty exhausted and decided on Thursday to shift the focus of the service to a reflection  time over what we had heard the last few days.  I think it was the right thing to do.  So much what we've heard in past meetings and services is so quickly gone that we don't have time to process it and mull on it for a bit.  So we did that--we recapped not only the teachings from the week, but we also went back highlighted some of the music of the week. We were blessed to have Luke Garrett (Christian artist) back with us Sunday morning.  Luke had been with us Mon-Wed and had a church cancellation which allowed him to be here.  So-I think it extended the feeling that the week had never ended.

We treated the morning as a response time.  With Mother's Day and Baby dedication already on the docket-we quickly moved through those items and got to worship.  The congregation was really worshipping.  I told them at one point I was just going to play and I wanted to hear them sing.  They were--I wonder what it sounded like on radio.

We would talk about a portion of the teachings for the week and then respond in song, prayer or action.   It was very effective.

We don't do this too often, but when we do I think it's very well received.  The Spirit was here--glad when we follow the Holy Spirit--he always knows the path.