Worship Post-Fessional May 25, 2008

May 25, 2008

Today was the closer of our series WINDS OF CHANGE.  Seems just started it, but that was April 6--time flies.

Our focus today was all about the Names of God. We pulled together our large banners that hang across the back wall and placed them on stage in the loft.  We had a lot going on visually today (add in the Lord's Supper tables too).

Here's the set for today

Because of Your Love (week 2 for this one--I think it will be around for awhile--people love it)
New Doxology-Gateway worship.  (week1--well received since it's so close to the original. love the new lyrics)
Your Name (we've done this one a lot during the series--so we'll rest it until the fall)
Be Unto Your Name ( always good-)
Sermon--which ended on the name YOU ARE (Everlasting).  I had mentioned in staff meeting about Mark Roach's song--YOU ARE--not knowing how well it would tie everything together.  Got to teach a little of this song to the congregation--we'll save it until fall
You Are--Mark Roach
Awesome God (MWS arr)
How Great Is Our God

How was your Sunday?


simple christfollower said...

We had a great Sunday. The team was smaller than usual with me playing drums for the opening set and our keys player leading. That was fun! I miss beating on the skins. Our set list was:
Every Move I Make, Let Everything that has Breath, Awesome is the Lord, I Stand Amazed. I got to teach the congregation Johnny Parks new song "Rescuer" - love that song! We closed off with an old hymn "May the Mind of Christ my Savior" and we also had a Baptism at half-time! Great day!!