What Is The Pulpit For Father Phleger?

I know I may be stepping off into deep waters here, but I think this must be said. The Pulpit (the platform, the podium, whatever you want to call it) should never be sold, subjegated or stolen for the sole purpose of advancing a political agenda, issue or forum. It is abhorent to me to watch this video.

Regardless of what the issue is (be it political or personal) the privilege of standing in the midst of the sanctuary of God's people should never ever be used for 15 minutes of fame or defemation as is the case in this example. Where is the proclamation of the Gospel as he was introduced as being such a wonderful messenger? Where is the teaching of scripture? Where is the exposition of the Word of God? I heard none of this here. I hear political rhetoric in the forum of the church--and frankly it is disappointing and disgusting.

Every church must guard whoever steps into the light of the title-speaker, preacher, teacher. It's biblically mandated to guard the teaching of the church---and I'm afraid that in this instance, the elders, deacons, pastors and leaders who were charged with this mandate were asleep at the wheel.

HT: Chicago Sun-Times


tyler said...

that isn't church. that is disgusting.