The Constitution and Freedom (Part 5- Conclusion)

This is the conclusion of the videos from Judge Napolitano. In fact, this is where we came in while watching TV one night and I gave us great discussion of "what America is and what it should be". I quickly told my oldest teens that they'd better pay attention to this--because when they vote in the future, they need to know where we came from and where we are suppose to be.

Have we surrendered to much to government or has it slowly slipped away because we don't know what America was founded on and what was meant to be our form of government. Don't get me wrong! America has done some outstanding things in the last 200 years as a group of collective individuals, but somehow, someway, we have given and inch and been taken for a mile in areas that were never expressed or intended to be the domain of the government.

I hope this has caused you to stop and think about America and what she should be in the future.