Worship Confessional, January 3, 2010

A New year, a new set of confessionals

Today were in ONE service for the Holiday season. Next Sunday we go back to two worship services.

We began a new series today: THE PURPOSE OF THE CHURCH. Ed will be talking the next 4 Sundays out of Acts 2 about the purpose of the church. It was really good today. The statement that stood out to me was " a truly healthy church will breed evangelism" I thought that was a great statement because so many times churches focus on evangelism to fix their health. Churches really need to take a hard look at their habits, their dysfunctions and their relationships!

Set List

Scripture Reading-from Psalm 137 (The Message) "Great Is The Lord"

Great In Power (Fragar)-Praise Charts-- One of my favorite Hillsong songs...but it's not well known. We need to to this one more often.

Great Is The Lord (Smith)-Praise Charts David did a trax to this one that would have made MWS proud (complete with the ending)

Welcome/Announcements/ World Missions Moment (Operation World)--This week's focus THE WORLD. We are focusing on a different country each Sunday this year (to keep missions before our folks. We'll be doing interviews with missionaries (via skype, video and in person) and really making the focus of missions (praying, giving, going) all year long. I made contact with a missionary in the service this morning about Spain (he was on my to-do list this week). I'm excited to see how this energizes our missions efforts. We'll also utilize the Operation World web site.

Indescribable (Story)-- always a great song. This one would have been even better if I hadn't looked up and taken the CODA instead of the 2nd ending... it was a momentary boo-boo but those chords in that section are so "different"--oh well! I'm starting the new year off with true confessions!

Wonderful Maker (Tomlin)--- one of my favorite songs...we did this simple this morning

Great Is Thy Faithfulness (Lincoln Brewster arr.)--- a great hymn!

Morning Message (The Purpose Of The Church)--Ed Ethridge

I Surrender All ( Hymncharts arr.)

How was your Sunday?

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