Worship Confessional, January 10, 2010

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This is the second week of THE PURPOSE OF THE CHURCH. All of this is very important to us as a church while we are working towards the calling of our new Pastor in 2010.

Set List
BRETHREN WE HAVE MET TO WORSHIP (G3 Worship)--Standard hymn for us, but felt it was the right one as we learned last week that the church on Sunday morning is the CHURCH GATHERED and when we leave, we are the CHURCH SCATTERED

MADE TO WORSHIP (Praise Charts)---long time since we did this one. It was good to revisit it and it went to the heart of the message today.
Welcome/Announcements/ MISSION FOCUS TODAY (AFRICA)

Offertory Music-Judy Brown

DO IT LORD (Tommy Walker) I heard this song last Spring on Travis Cottrell's album and then again this summer on Tommy Walker's album at National Worship Leader conference. It has become a regular on my ipod and has become the prayer I pray for my church as I run. It's so prophetic.


Morning Message--THE PURPOSE OF THE CHURCH (Ed Ethridge)

Response---just the chorus of TO GOD BE THE GLORY

Out--- DO IT LORD (3rd verse "I see the church rising up in power....)

How was your Sunday?