Unhooking Your Hopes and Dreams

I was listening to this podcast this morning by my friend Pete Wilson. I'm a little behind in my podcast listening (this was his Christmas series) as my Powerbook has been out of commission and my ipod was initialized on my Mac--so I didn't want to reformat it in PC. I waited and it was worth it.

Somewhere around mile 2 this morning, Pete whispered in my ear (via the podcast) that sometimes "God will dissolve your dreams so that you can hook your hope to Him and not the dream." (I think I got that right Pete, if not correct me). Wow! Can I tell you that in the deep dark of the morning when you are running and a truth comes to you like that, it is overpowering. I think it gave me something to chew on for the next 2-3 miles as I really pondered what that meant in my life.

I was having a conversation the other day with someone who knows my dreams. They asked "So, how is that going? Do you think it will happen?" Thinking back to that conversation and this teaching today, I don't know. When asked that question the other day for the first time I really couldn't articulate what the dream is right now. That scared me that I might have given up on it, but maybe Pete's teaching this morning (Thank You Holy Spirit) means that I have unhooked the dream from my hopes and expectations and I've linked it to God's will, whatever that may be or look like in my life.

Give me some help here if you can. Can you clarify for me what that means to unhook your dreams and hopes? Have you done this? Have you ever come back to the dream?