Toy Box Leadership

I scurried through Mardel late last night before they closed and found this book on the bargain table ($5!) and couldn't pass it up. I read and collect different resources on leadership--so I got it.

I'm only in the first few pages, but it's making sense. Leadership begins when we are young ( and who hasn't seen some stellar leadership potential on the playground lately!)

Think about--all that we are and know about our abilities and capabilities as leaders is put to an early test on the playground. Who will organize? Who will pick teams? Who will set the rules? Who will declare a winner? Who will referee? Who will call it quits and who will admonish those who aren't playing fair? See what I mean?

I've already confessed my love of Legos here on this blog, and wouldn't you know the first toy they talk about is LEGO! More on that later.

What are some of your favorite toys from childhood? What do they reveal about your leadership?