Death To The Bowl Championship Series!

I had a lot of time to think (driving 2 plus hours in each direction to our run) and as I thought about the Bowl Championship Series, I got mad.

These Bowls use to mean something. First of all a birth in said bowl (Cotton for example in the old SWC) meant that you were the best of your group. Now--it's all for naught. None of these bowls mean anything anymore,(except money to the networks and to the schools who have the scam going)

I'm all for a playoff system in college football. Can you imagine if they did this in Basketball? Let'll all go to different tournaments then claim a championship and you'd have rioting in the street.

When is this all gonna make sense to those in charge? Maybe never because all they see is the $$$ in their eyes and in their bank account. There is truly no NATIONAL CHAMPION in football. You have a purchased championship--paid for by the companies and fans who still follow blindly!