Life Lessons From The Longhorns--Succession Planning

Surely if there is anything to be learned from the big game last night it was BE PREPARED FOR ANYTHING. No one could have predicted the situation with Colt Mc Coy's injury, but you have to think: Was there no preparation if McCoy goes out? Was there ever a game plan minus McCoy?

This brought up a thought on FACEBOOK that just like the Texas team, organizations never envision the day when they will be without their leader, but it happens. No one is irreplaceable.

Leaders do leave organizations and it is imperative that both the leader and the organization be prepared for this. The leader must prepare those around him for the day that he (she) will no longer be there. The leader who keeps it all to himself (leadership and influence) and doesn't give it away does not help the organization thrive in his absence. Leadership must be shared.

The organization must have a plan in case the leader is not there. There must be one of those "break the glass in case of emergency" plans somewhere for the organization to continue to thrive in the absence of a leader. Organizations can survive without a leader, but not without a plan.

So what were the lessons that you learned from the game?