My New Running Buddy

So my new year of running began yesterday with a twist. About half a block down from my house as I began I heard barking. Let me back up and say that I searched all over the house for my ipod from Saturday's run, but couldn't find it. I was frustrated until something told me not to worry about it. (That usually means God has something to talk to me about on my run)

This barking became louder and louder and I thought maybe I was hearing the dog behind a fence. Out comes this mix (Shepherd/Sheep) who was just a puppy. If I've learned anything in these months of running, it's to just ignore the dogs and go on. It was my hope that he would leave me by the end of the block. No doing.

He followed me to the end of Houston, then on the 37th and by the time I got to the Admin. building I knew he was in it for the long haul. The dog followed me the whole way for the 4 miles. There were a couple of times I had to scream at him to get out of the road because he was going to get hit.

At the end he was happy and jumping and way ahead of me, not really paying much attention to what I was doing.

I finally led him back to my house and neighborhood. He had tags and a collar on, but I couldn't get close enough to see it. I told him " Go home now, thanks for the run."

Needless to say, I enjoyed the day with him (but I was worried about him getting hit the whole time I was out there) and I didn't run until the end because I was afraid that he would think I was running away from him.

Lesson learned: When walking with God, don't get so far ahead of him that you can't hear his voice and concern ( a big problem that I have) and don't get so distracted that you can't see the danger. I guess God had a purpose and plan for me not to have my Ipod and to enjoy the company of my new running buddy.

I hope he's sleeping in this morning.