Design Star-Guts, Glory, Glam

Ok, this one is hard to admit, but for the last three years my family has been stuck to HGTV on Sunday nights to watch Design Star.  It's the reality show on HGTV to select the next star for it's network.  

The first year was interesting with David Bromstad winning hands down with his creativity and artistry.  We continue to watch his show on TV--now in it's second season.

Last year we watched as Kim Myles won, and we sometimes watch her show, Myles of Style

This year we are late comers to the show which was based this year out of Nashville.  None of the designers have been stand outs so far--but we continue to watch.   We also tried to watch the companion show on Food-Network (Next Food Network star or something like that) but honestly it was hard to follow.  So-we'll stick to one reality show in the hiatus of American Idol.

We enjoy the show for the challenges that they face and watching them having to come with a design and execute it in a short amount of time.  It also helps if they have some creativity which I think makes the Design Star stand out.

So if you call on Sunday night and we don't answer the phone between 8-9, you'll know what we're doing.  Sorry!


Perky Gramma Teaches said...

Don’t be embarrassed, turn it in to research (then admit that you are addicted to reality tv)
This is how my mind works.
First I must explain that I don’t have cable, my current personal choice based on as long as I have to work outside the home to supply income, we don’t need the added expense. Hmmm…I may have to change that soon because it would be a rich resource for research.
When I saw your post. I thought, “O.k., I need to check this out. How could I use this in worship?”.
Thought I am playing with is… we need to start a recruiting campaign for various logistic crews, tech, sound, graphics, pPod (5S experiential worship design elements) and such.
This sounds like a great culturally relevant was to recruit, by hosting our own version of design star…
Must think more about this.
Again, we must live in the world. Listening to the heartbeat of the Philistines…
Time to go to do Saturday set-up, but I’ll return and blog about this idea further…

p.s. I don’t answer the phone either during my favorite shows, don’t you love caller i.d.?