Something Old, Something New

I feel like this week I've hit the jackpot with new sites.  I'll highlight a few below.

RodsProd- Blog site of Rod Kaya, Programming/Worship Pastor at Journey Community Church.  Rod is always sharing what is going on in the ministry there.  Their "God At The Movies" series just completed it's 5th time around--they're heading for number 6 next year.  Check him out.

What I Care To Share- This is the blogsite of a fellow actor from the production I was in last weekend.  We began sharing about blogging during the breaks---now we're reading each other's blogs.    This artist has just returned to the stage after 20 years away and is adding to the artistry of her already talented family.  Stop by and say hi.

Designing For Phillistines - Dorothy and I connected last week with my post on WORDLE on Creative Chaos on Raggamuffin Soul.  She's a designer of worship experiences from Virginia.  

Wordle-Blog - Need I say more?


Perky Gramma Teaches said...

Thanks for the shout out.
I've just done my first blog roll out and you are on it!

Coachrk said...


thanks for the shout out. I am really encouraged that you take time to read my blog.