It's late Wednesday night, and anyone thinking that I'm laying by the pool getting a tan before Family Camp next week is crazy. We leave the hotel about 7:15 AM and get back here around 10PM--so it's a long, long day.

Highlights from today:
Morning worship with Bishop Joseph Garlington--amazing talk (and even more amazing presentatation with his keyboardist accompanying him)
Morning class:  Planning Center- an amazing product and some even more amazing things being added in the furture
Reconnection: with Mike Paslay--Minister of Music at FBC Fayetteville.  Mike and I served together in Johnson Association in early 1990's.
Lunch:  Jason's Deli--I called it early in the day in my twitter
Afternoon:  Some video class.....I forget what it was
Afternoon worship with Rita Springer and Gordon Mac Donald
Supper--Chick-Fil A
Experience:  The Tabernacle---wow!  Do that right before evening worship and I gurantee you'll be filled up.  More posts on this later.  I'm still digesting
Evening Worship:  Don Moen, Gateway Worship, Chris Tomlin and Lincoln Brewster--wow again.

Tomorrow--it's classes again with my new worship/twitter/blogging buddy Fred McKinnon


Perky Gramma Teaches said...

I'm listening Jim.
Both here and in your tweets..

Jim Drake said...


you would have loved the tabernacle experience--God is the ultimate in visuals and sensory worship. I did it right before the evening time and my mind was so full that something in each song sung took me back to that experience...was really, really moving. more on that later.

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to having you in class, now between you and Russ, I know that at least one person will be attending!

Jim Drake said...


We'll be there... all twitterpated!

Anonymous said...

Jim - what did the Planning Center guys say about what they've got planned?

Jim Drake said...


Let me see if I can remember--I've slept since then.

1. Text Messaging feature--still working on this feature. It will let the person know to check their email for a scheduling...won't be a whole email. Person will have to allow texting.

2. Streamlining of some of the features. (cleaning up the sidebars)

I asked about a cleaner interaction with CCLI--that's in the way
future...working with CCLI

I think that's it..