Something Old, Something New

Something Old:
Little People-Tiny Art -I'm not sure where I got this site, but I always watch it amazed at what they come up with. They take tiny people (models) and place them in strange places.  The first picture makes it seem it's real--then they do a pull away and show you how small these things really are.  Some incredible photographs here.  Check it out.

Something New:
Vecteezy- Graphics such as these are made with vectors.  If you aren't an Adobe Illustrator genius, these graphics are quite complicated. You can find a whole gallery of them on this site.

Brillidea- You know those homes that have the synchronized Christmas light displays, well this is the place where they get some of their ideas and schematics.  Most of what I've looked at has to do with the LED lights and syncing them to music and such.  Oh that I had the time to build and create with these.  I'm thinking of O HOLY NIGHT with flashing LED's this Christmas (not really.  If any of you can help me figure these things out--I'd be grateful.


Anonymous said...

I love the tiny art blog. Amazing stuff.