Water Cooler Wednesday-The Next Generation of Artists

I'm so proud of my kids.. they have participated in the Rising Star Theater Camp at the Ritz Theater here in Snyder the last two weeks. Tomorrow they will present their plays.  My daughter  has been one of the afternoon directors and my son is the Prince in the production of UNLUCKY CINDERELLA.   I'll post some more pictures of them from the production on Friday 

I love it that my kids love the arts.  I love it that they have found their niche in the arts ( some like singing, some like band, some like writing, all of them love drama).  

What are you doing to encourage the next generation of artists?

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Anonymous said...

Does Rock Band count? Actually, in my family, it has definitely sparked an interest in both of my sons. My youngest son has agreed to take violin lessons again in exchange for taking drum lessons as well. My oldest son wants to learn both bass guitar and electric guitar. I'm involved in an annual production called Uniting Artists which showcases local talent, mostly kids-teens and involves singing, acting, dancing, art, hip-hop, anything that can be performed. In the past I was on the board of directors, but due to my travel schedule, I can't commit to it right now. It's a great community event and a wonderful way to find talented kids and encourage them to shine!

Darla said...

i didnt realize how similar our kiddos are, but i too have lovers of music, singing, art, writing, photography, just to name a few, and i am soo proud as well. what a great way to get through life. at least when you have the artistic heart, you always have something. you can always create, and always have something to enjoy. we both have some blessed and artistic kids, created in the image of their heavenly Father. Of course it helps that we encourage it. :)I pray God shows them all the way to use these wonderful desires they have in their hearts to serve Him.