Stand Up/Sit Down--The 4 Chords That Tell You What To Do

How many of you remember Vacation Bible School? Huh?  Do you remember those summers where you went to every Vacation Bible School in town?  I did--everyone one of them; Baptist, Methodist, Church of Christ and more.

Each one was different, but somehow they all knew the magic 4 chords to signal us to stand up and sit down.   This is the instruction from the 1926 Workers manual for Daily Bible School.
The pupils should always stand when singing. Use
the stand-up and sit-down chords, never a bell or hand-
waving. The pianist should select the chords from the
music section of the text-books and practice on them
till she can make them really say, "Get ready, stand
up!"; "Get ready, sit down!"
This quote is from the 1926 manual on how to produce a Daily Vacation School.

I bet if I were to play this chord progression Sunday someone would know what to do.  I may just try it.

One of the blogs I read the other day was lamenting the fact that Bible school no longer has the crafts that use paper plates and macaroni shells.  Remember those?  How about the sugar cookies shaped like flowers with the holes in the middle?  Did you know that Nabisco doesn't make those anymore? Ah--the good old days!



Sherry said...

And just where did all those cigar boxes come from that we spray painted gold? I miss plaster aparis. I've made plaster aparis Christmas ornaments and handprints with my kids just for that reason!