Creative fuZion- Stations

We've just finished our 4th year of prayer stations. We began @ 7 AM this morning and concluded just before our Maundy Thursday service.

Our notes are posted here. There were many comments from people that made it all worth the effort. Some people had a hard time signing the death warrant; some had a hard time pounding the nails; some had a hard time writing an expression on the wall after the experience. It was amazing.

I'll be processing this day more in the coming days. I wanted to get these pics up for Dorothy's Creative Fuzion.


dorothy (vicar of vibe) said...

I'm looking forward to the notes. It looks amazing!
Who did the paintings? Have you had them around or did someone do them this year?

Jim Drake said...


Notes are up

The paintings were prints that Pat Callahan used. We printed them on our large scale printer and just wrapped around cheap canvas we bought at Big Lots