Tax Day Blues

Well, it's TAX DAY and we all have the blues. We're ending up paying (again this year) and we thought we were going to be ok. Turns out that if you make just a little more this year than last you get bumped into a whole new realm where the government digs a little more out of you.

We are not even"rich" middle class--we're just plain old middle class and we're paying through the nose this year (thanks to being classified as Self-Employed).

Where's the tax relief we're always promised in November? Where's the accountability for the BILLIONS we already send to Washington?

No wonder there are TEA parties taking place today all over the US. People are fed up with paying more and seeing the government spend even more. Enough is enough.

Maybe this makes me a Right Wing Activist according to Homeland Security--but we're fed up with this!


Chuck Harris said...

I'm hoping being unemployed for a bit will help me with taxes this year. i can give you my tax guy's number in Houston.
that's one thing i'm glad about is not being self employed anymore. small businesses (the backbone of America) won't make it being taxed heavily.