Worship Confessional, April 26, 2009

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Today's Songs

We're Marching To Zion (Contemporary Hymns-Brentwood Benson)
Hallelujah! Your Love Is Amazing
Father Spirit Jesus
Made To Worship (Tomlin)
Here I Am To Worship

Short and sweet on the music today. Everything went well. The back half-songs were high. Reminder to me to always check the keys before the music is printed. Only Chris Tomlin can sing in the upper ranges of "C" major. Oh well.

How was your worship today?


Kip Arnold said...

Nice set man. Seems like today was a "Here I am To Worship" day from what I've seen so far!

God Bless,


Randy Neufeld said...

Hi Jim,

I'd forgotten about "Made to Worship"!

Yes, as a bassy-baritone, I know the importance of checking out songs by folks like Tomlin & Fuhrler!!!

Have a great week!

Justin said...

Made to Worship- one of my favorite songs- and yes that Tomlin can sing in those high registers...me? not so much haha

Anonymous said...

Too high...most of our songs I've had to transpose to get in my range. I'm certain the backup vocalists hate me for it. Good list.

Eddy Mann said...

Made To Worship seems to have gotten quite a bit of attention... Tomlin almost always means key change

steff said...

It's funny how things can be so different for a girl. For me Tomlin usually means no key change. :)

Michael Mahoney said...

Tomlin's where we let the girls lead! We do a lot in C, actually.

Great sounding set.

Chuck Harris said...

i can sing Tomlin, but my congregation can't, so we have to meet in the middle. you rock man.

Lori Biddle said...

I like everything you used! Think how many different songs of praise are going up to God at one time on Sunday! How cool!