Twitter and Twisters

My introduction to Twitter began in February 2008 as we were at the Recreate Conference in Nashville. That Tuesday night we were at The Factory in Franklin and in the midst of the concert with Paul Baloche, we hear tornado sirens.

All the Twittering (and the itch to Twitter) began that night was we bantered about while awaiting instructions what to do.

Last night we were warned there were 2 tornadoes in the area. In West Texas that means finding the middle of the house (our hallway) and sitting there with pillows. Our 11 year old was most adamant that we get in the hall. So what did I do? I twittered! Here are some of the Tweets.
fbcjdrake: Radio just said 2 go to our church 4 shelter uh im not there about 8 hours ago from txt
fbcjdrake: Last Will_done family together_check hold on about 8 hours ago from txt
fbcjdrake: So whats up family ? As we are gathered in the hall about 8 hours ago from txt

fbcjdrake: We are in hall way tornado warning for scurry county about 8 hours ago from txt

I talked to @jake1977 who was downtown at the Manhattan (our coffee house) and we had a great time bantering about. I remarked to him "Twittering and Tornadoes are fun!"

What did we do before Twitter?

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