Worship Confessional, April 5, 2009

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Today was a good day. It began on my way to church as I heard my friend, Jeff Berry, on the radio singing HIS BANNER OVER ME. It took me back to some great times I shared with Jeff when he was in Abilene. He and I shared some Twitter banter about it this morning.

Palm Sunday--not much to do with the actual Palm Sunday literature--but it was a good to day to celebrate as we kick off the Easter week.

Prepare The Way (Naizum)--we did this song through Christmas and brought it back for the Easter season--great tie in to scripture as we prepare our hearts for his coming.
All The Earth Will Sing Your Praises (Baloche)--we did the Travis Cottrell arrangement.
Video--Shoes For Orphan Souls
Blessed Be Your Name (Redman)--always a favorite and David's trax just put it over the top
Your Name (Baloche)-ditto
Please Forgive Me (Travis Cottrell)-- a great trio song about forgiveness and how we take what the Lord has done for granted.
Morning Sermon
Creative Element--We used Lego's to illustrate the different gifts that God has given the church (he gave some to Apostle, Prophets, Evangelist and Pastor/Teachers). Not everyone has been given the same gift. We filled to clear vases with Legos and asked people to come and get one at the commitment time of the service.
Here I Am To Worship (Tim Hughes)

We had a good day and spent about 3 hours today setting up our Prayer Stations-We're about 90% done on that which is a big help. We usually put this up the day before, but since we're taking over the third floor of our building, we can do it early! Yea!

How was your day?


HL said...

Good set Jim. Nice use of songs and placement of them. I love "Your Name"

Marina said...

We had a great day.
I also got a good head start on our Good Friday prayer stations. Thanks so much for the graphics - I plan to have them printed on poster-size paper then have them framed in inexpensive poster frames. We have lots of blank wall space. I've assigned 7 people to design/implement a prayer station. Should be all done by Thursday afternoon. I will take pictures!

Rich Kirkpatrick said...

We had a great day... 40 people or so baptized! :)