Worship Confessional, April 19, 2009

This post is part of Sunday Set List over on Fred McKinnon's Blog.

It was a good day today.. simple, but good. Maybe we carried that same theme over from last week. We did an extremely accoustic feel today--piano/and gymbae (?) because bass and accoustic were out. I was bothered at first by the thin sound, but then I thought "let the people sing and hear themselves today. So we did that. It was powerful and the recording sounds great.

O Worship The King (Tomlin)
Famous One (Tomlin) Both of these together were a great opening.
Welcome/Announcements/ Offering
Perfect Peace (Laura Story)-- If you haven't heard this song--go listen to it here!
Mighty To Save/Shout To The Lord--An new one with an old one--works everytime.
Video--Putting Off (SermonSpice)
Susan Boyle Video--we used the Susan Boyle video that is the sensation this week. Russell tied it into the part of Ephesians 4 where it says to use our words to build up and not to corrupt. This was powerful too. And I snuck my Les Misreables book in and played I DREAMED A DREAM as they were going out.
You Are God Alone Revelation Song--Great worship at the end. How was your day?


Fred McKinnon said...

G'morning, Jim -

Glad you tried the Mighty to Save/Shout to the Lord combo - great medley, isn't it.

Oh yeah - it's "djembe"!

God bless u tons, my friend!

Justin said...

Hey Jim,

Love the set list. I love the old and the new combos- for some reason they just bridge a gap! I love it. I love that you guys used the Susan Boyle video- that really video really inspired me and caused me to look at myself and go "hmmm...was i one of those peopel in the crowd that would judge?" ah! great stuff.

simple christfollower said...

Nice line-up Jim. That Susan Boyle video almost brought me to tears. She has an incredible "undiscovered" voice -well, not anymore.
Our services went well. Although it was a tough week with the funeral for my mother in-law, I felt rested and ready for God's presence to invade my life! He is good!

steff said...

Love "Revelation Song"! Great song.

Windbag said...

I love contrast in art, like putting new and old next to each other. Cool stuff. Top 10, too.

Ayebare said...

i love the acoustic guitar - djembe combo especially when both are played with excellence. Thanks for sharing! Must have been fun at your church this past weekend!