Under The Sycamore Tree--The Work Begins

The work has begun on The Ritz Theater production of UNDER THE SYCAMORE TREE. You'll see updated post through out the next month about rehearsals and preparations.

I was reminded tonight as we read through the script how important theater is to our culture. In a visual society, perhaps we've become too dependent on the electronic, televised and over-produced segments to give us the arts. Maybe we've forgotten the thrill of the live visual event that calls for us to engage with the artists on stage and think as we see.

Live theater does that. It draws you in and asks you to think as you see. That's something that's rare today.

The cast is varied. Some have been on the stage recently and some haven't seen the footlights in a while. I think that will be good as we each challenge each other to rise to our best for this effort.

Were you involved in theater?