You're Never Too Old To Sing

We spent the day in Lubbock at the State Senior Adult Choir Festival. This is our 3rd year to attend and by the looks of it--Sr. Adult Choirs are growing ( is it any surprise since the Baby Boomers are aging?). There were some 600 there today and we heard some great choirs.

The format for the day is a mix of choirs singing for each other ( usually 2 songs) and then all of the choirs working together on 5-6 songs, mixed with some hymn singing and food (we're Baptist ok--we've got to eat).

I heard some great singers today and it reminded me that you're never too old to sing. The majority of singing comes from the attitude of the mind and also taking care of your body. One lady hit a high C on a song ( way to go girl) and they all enjoyed it.

So--do you sing? Will you be singing when your 64, 74, 84, 94?