This is an open letter to a Christian brother here in my town (he'll probably never see it)

Dear Brother:

As the morning light was breaking over our town and I was heading to my church, you passed me with such speed that I thought at first you were some emergency vehichle. When you went by and had no marking on your car I just thought you were in a hurry.

It's the next thing that you did that caught me off guard. You blew right through that stop sign at the intersection of 37th and El Paso and whipped into the parking lot of the church nearby. You were obviously late for the Men's Bible Study that had started minutes before.

I thought " well, that's a great witness for Christ!" We have to always be aware of what we do and how it reflects on the church. I was thinking--"What if an unbeliever had seen you do that? Break the law and run into church with your bible would certainly be an contradiction"

Then it got me to thinking--what do I do in public that brings shame and reproach for the name of Christ. And then I felt guilty for thinking such things of you.

So dear christian brother, whoever you are, I'll pray for you and you pray for me that we will always be aware of what we do for the namesake of Christ.