Dad, What's A Revival?

Driving down the road on Sunday evening, I made mention that our local Methodist church was having a spring revival. That prompted a remark from my 8th grader, "Dad, what's a Revival?"

I thought to myself "that's a comment worthy of a blog"-so here it is.

I grew up in a minister's home and thus Revival meetings were frequent and seemed to come more often than I care to remember. The extended services of the church called for morning, noon and evening meetings, always with a covered lunch or meal. Being a minister's kid it also meant some type of after meeting with the revival team.

Included in these meetings were special times for groups of the church together. Who can forget Men's night or Sunday school night or the infamous YOUTH night with the predictable Pizza suppers. And after Wednesday evening the church went back to being the church.

Nowadays you don't see many revival services in the church. They come rarely and I personally haven't led a revival service in 8 years. Perhaps we don't see them as often because the church continues to go on being the church and we don't see the real fruit and evidence of revival.

Do we need revival? Absolutely. If ever there was a time for a fresh wind and fresh fire to blow through the Body of Christ--it's now. Does it need to be like it has been in the past? Not necessarily.

What do you think?


Anonymous said...

Yes, we need revical and if it looks like the past I'll be suspicious. :o) God always seems to do a new thing and revivial history bears this out. As a side note, I don't like the way
"Revival Services" or "Revival Meetings" has been replaced with "Revival" we can have the gatherings but only God can create a revival.